El Trece cannot find a way back: they raised a program due to low ratings

El Trece cannot find a way back: they raised a program due to low ratings

In the last few hours, the removal of “El Legado” from the channel’s grid was confirmed: find out which program will replace it.

In a surprising twist, El Trece decided to cancel one of its most recent programs, The legacy“, due to its poor performance in terms of audience. The decision was announced by Ángel de Brito in “Los Ángeles de laaña” days ago, who revealed that Matías Martin and his son Luca had completed the recordings of the program and that the low rating had been the determining factor for his retirement.

Despite the efforts to revitalize the program, even with the inclusion of celebrities in a version titled “El Legado Famosos”, the public’s response did not meet expectations, as journalist Pía Shaw had anticipated on Yanina 107.9 (El Observador ) some days ago.

Matias Martin, before leaving for vacation, discussed the future of the show in an interview, revealing that he had not yet received official notification about the cancellation. However, it is now a reality that the cycle came to an end, leaving space available for another program.

What program will replace El Legado on El Trece

2024 has not been one of the best years for El Trece in terms of audience, which is why the channel will return to the fray with a well-known program that is famous and recognized in previous years: Matter of weight. With a renewed format, the series that helps obese people lose weight returns to the small screen to try to increase the channel’s afternoon ratings.

The program that Claribel Medina, Andrea Politti, Fabián Doman and Mariano Peluffo knew how to host, this time it will be under the leadership of the renowned journalist Mario Massaccesi, who has already officially confirmed the return of the historic program.


In addition, the driver will be accompanied by the Cormillot clan and other nutrition professionals: Alberto Cormillot, Adrian Cormillot, April Cormillot, Stephanie Pasquini and Sergio Veron. The specialists along with Massaccesi will accompany the reality show participants in the difficult process of losing weight.

With the return of Cuestión de Peso, El Trece is betting on recovering the audience that El Legado could not obtain.

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