Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi: Their sons have become friends

Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi: Their sons have become friends

While Dieter Bohlen and Pietro Lombardi were filming for “DSDS”, their sons became friends behind the scenes.

Dieter Bohlen (70) and Pietro Lombardi (31) have been friends for many years. And this bond is now evidently passing on to the next generation.

Bohlen and Lombardi are currently in front of the camera together again – they are filming the new season “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in Europa-Park Rust. The duo also has a lot of fun behind the scenes. So, in which they test the attractions of the amusement park.

“Alessio’s new best friend is Dieter’s son”

The musicians also brought their partners and children to the set. And the youngsters get along very well, as Pietro Lombardi has now revealed. In an Instagram story, he wrote about a photo of himself with his eldest son Alessio (8) in his arms: “And Alessio’s new best friend is Dieter’s son. The two get along so well, Alessio didn’t want to go into the room anymore.” No wonder, because Maximilian (born 2013) and Alessio are only a few years apart. They obviously have similar interests.

Pietro Lombardi won the eighth season of the casting show in 2011 – and the heart of juror Dieter Bohlen. Despite the age difference, they are on the same wavelength, have a similar sense of humor and enjoy spending time together. The pop titan even donated wedding rings for his wedding to Sarah Engels (31), with whom Lombardi shares son Alessio. And for Dieter Bohlen’s 70th birthday in February, Pietro was of course on stage at the anniversary concert. Now they are sitting together again on the “DSDS” jury for the 21st season, alongside singer Beatrice Egli (35) and rapper Loredana (28).

No more age limit

The new round of the RTL casting show is expected to bring some changes: For the first time, the jury castings will take place in Europa-Park, there will be a more modern logo and, for the first time, there will no longer be an age limit for the candidates. “I can say from the first day of filming: This is going to be a very special season,” said Pietro Lombardi at the end of April. “Finally there is no longer an age limit. There were already some older candidates there today who really gave it their all and delivered really well.” His friend Bohlen added: “I just hope that the candidates don’t go on a rollercoaster ride before their appearance – that could end badly for us as a jury.” The park stands for “world-class entertainment and surprises at every corner.” Bohlen added: “We want to achieve all of this with our candidates and our viewers. It will be the most varied casting ever.”

In total, the season will consist of 15 episodes (including the live finale). They will be broadcast on RTL and RTL+ from autumn.

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