Kim Kardashian booed at Netflix event – saved by Kevin Hart

Kim Kardashian booed at Netflix event – saved by Kevin Hart

Shortly before her trip to Germany, Kim Kardashian took part in the “Netflix is ​​a Joke” festival in her hometown of Los Angeles. At a live event that actually had footballer Tom Brady as the target of nasty verbal attacks, the audience booed the world-famous influencer vehemently.

This is probably not how Kim Kardashian imagined her appearance on the Netflix comedy event “The Greatest Roast of all time: Tom Brady”. The aim of the illustrious evening event, which was shown live on the streaming platform as part of the “Netflix is ​​a Joke” festival, was to be as creative as possible with jokes at the expense of footballer Tom Brady. Such a “roast” can certainly touch the substance if the eulogists’ sometimes very crude jokes hit too deeply. Normally, the speakers are spared from scorn and ridicule – with the exception of Kim Kardashian.

Kevin Hart had to save Kim Kardashian

Because when the world-famous influencer was invited onto the stage by presenter Kevin Hart, just mentioning her name was enough to trigger the first storms of indignation in the audience. After just a few words, including a “Thank you” for the few who clapped enthusiastically, Kardashian had to stop. Visibly surprised, she looked into the audience and simply said “Alright, Alright, Alright”.

After moderator Kevin Hart slowed the audience down a bit, Kardashian continued with her speech – and initially made fun of her savior’s height (Kevin Hart is 5’10”). She then turned her attention to Tom Brady. She joked about a possible romance between the two, her sex tape and many other anecdotes from the American celebrity world. Kardashian’s appearance lasted about three minutes in total.

But the currently blonde influencer hadn’t yet escaped the spotlight. The other speakers, including American comedian Tony Hinchcliffe and Tom Brady himself, repeatedly made jokes at Kim’s expense.

Not the first time booed – next performance on Tuesday in Hamburg

This isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has been publicly booed. She was also disapproved of by the audience at a Los Angeles Rams home game against the Dallas Cowboys in October 2022.

The next public appearance is planned for Tuesday afternoon German time (4:00 p.m. – 4:40 p.m.) – then Kim Kardashian will speak at the OMR Festival in Hamburg. The so-called “Fireside Chat” will be broadcast live.

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