ESC: Singer Isaak: Berlin would be too much for me

ESC: Singer Isaak: Berlin would be too much for me

He represents Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest on May 11th. He is not necessarily attached to his hometown, but rather to the surrounding area in East Westphalia. The capital would be a problem for Isaac.

Singer Isaak, Germany’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), is not necessarily attached to his home town of Espelkamp in East Westphalia. Because of his proximity to the family, the father of two sons assumes that he will continue to live in the area in the future.

The 29-year-old (“Always On The Run”) told the German Press Agency that he preferred the countryside: “Because I need to come home.” He has a focus problem. He can’t deal well with too many options. “That alone is too much for me. For example, if I go to the supermarket and want to buy cheese and I have 50 different types of cheese, then I turn the wheel.”

If he were to move to Berlin, he would probably have to admit himself to a closed psychiatric hospital after a year, said the 29-year-old. It would be extremely productive for a year because there are so many possibilities in such a small space in Berlin.

There is always something going on in Berlin

“You could go to any parties, any concerts. You could make music with someone every day and that’s fun too,” said the ESC participant. But then a complete collapse would follow due to absolute overload. He would no longer have any idea where front and back were.

Since music is a job and a passion, “it’s often difficult for me to draw a line.” Things are different in the country. The people around him hardly have anything to do with music. “I just manage to give myself breaks. And that’s how I actually get some rest.”

Sweden is hosting the international music competition for the seventh time. The two semi-finals will take place on May 7th and 9th, and the final on May 11th. Isaak also made an appearance in the first semi-final, but outside of the competition. Because Germany, as one of the Big Five countries, has already qualified for the final.

Source: Stern

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