Pre-Met Gala Dinner: Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya in eye-catching looks

Pre-Met Gala Dinner: Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya in eye-catching looks

The first celebrities arrive in New York for the Met Gala. Jennifer Lopez and Zendaya already caused a stir at the pre-dinner.

The first stars have already arrived in New York, where the Met Gala will once again take place on the evening of May 6th. Before the fashion event of the year starts, Zendaya (27), Jennifer Lopez (54), Chris Hemsworth (40) and Bad Bunny (30) have already met in the Big Apple for a pre-dinner with “Vogue” boss Anna Wintour (74). met – the four of them are acting as moderators this year.

White romance meets black elegance

And how could it be otherwise: When you meet the co-host of the Fashion Oscars for dinner, you naturally dress up. Zendaya wowed in a romantic, white vintage dress with a neckline and pink flower appliqués. She also wore white pumps.

Jennifer Lopez appeared in a strapless corset dress made of black velvet, the dress particularly impressed with its futuristic neckline. The singer chose silver jewelry for her elegant look and styled her hair in a sleek ponytail.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in a partner look

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky (47) also made a stylish duo. The Marvel star appeared at the pre-dinner in a dark blue suit, the jacket had a shiny, black leopard pattern, and he chose a black shirt and black dress shoes to match. Light brown statement sunglasses added extravagance.

Pataky also came in a sparkly, dark blue pantsuit, but slipped into tight, skimpy shorts. She left her white satin blouse wide unbuttoned to reveal a plunging cleavage. She gathered her blonde hair into a ponytail.

In comparison, rapper Bad Bunny came to the pre-Met gala dinner relatively simply. He combined the black oversize suit with a white T-shirt and a black cap.

Met Gala on May 6th – that’s the motto

The theme of this year’s Met Gala is “The Garden of Time”. Very sensual creations are expected that represent fashion as an emotional art form.

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