Emigrate: the list of surnames that facilitate Polish citizenship

Emigrate: the list of surnames that facilitate Polish citizenship

The Polish government formalized a migration policy that seeks to attract all the descendants of those who escaped the wars of the 20th century.

The government of Poland made official a list of surnames that facilitate the obtaining the European country citizenship. This policy seeks to reunite the community of Polish descendants who settled in Argentina during the 20th century. Most of these migrations were produced by the wars that the nation suffered during the Nazi invasion.

Although there are many young people who want to emigrate to seek a better economic ticket, there are few who point to Poland. The most chosen destinations in Europe are usually Spain or Italy because most of our migrants came from these nations, from which some of the customs of all Argentines come.

Immigrate to Poland: the documents required for citizenship

The main documents that must be delivered are those that confirm the Polish origin of the ancestors. These can vary from passports of the European country, DNI, military passbook, marriage certificate or others. As you must also attach the papers that indicate the acquisition of Argentine citizenship, issued by the National Electoral Chamber or by the Judiciary.

On the part of the applicant, the following must be submitted:

  • Test of the filiation: birth certificate (name and surname) of the parents and/or grandparents, their marriage certificate and the birth certificate of the person interested in acquiring the Polish citizenship.
  • Certificate of full birth with the names of their parents.
  • Certificate of Civil registration indicating your civil status.

Emigrate to Poland: the surnames that facilitate the citizenship process

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Those interested in obtaining Polish citizenship must request an appointment at the consulate of the Republic of Poland through the e-konsulat page. The cost of the procedure is 86 dollars. The surnames contemplated by the policy are:

  • Nowak
  • Kowalski
  • WiÅ›niewski
  • Wojcik
  • Kowalczyk
  • Kaminski
  • Lewandowski
  • Dabrowski
  • Zieliski
  • Szymaski

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