How to make a good barbecue: the 5 infallible tricks

How to make a good barbecue: the 5 infallible tricks

It’s not all about lighting the fire and throwing away the meat. Here we show you the best tips so that your barbecues are of another level.


He Grilling is much more than just a cooking technique, it is more of a ritual. Nothing like gathering around the fire and enjoying a good roast meat to celebrate friendship and have good times shared.

To make the barbecue at another level, experts have certain tricks that turn them into authentic grillers. The selection of cuts of meat, the method of preparation and the cooking point are the keys. Ready for Applause for the grill?



The best 5 tricks to make a good barbecue

abundant fire

A good grill is prohibited from failing with the fire, which must always be abundant. The temperature must be sustained, which will ultimately be crucial for cooking.

The meat must arrive without temperature on the grill

The most experienced suggest removing it from the refrigerator several hours before. At least one or two hours will prevent the cut tissues, once they come into contact with the hot grill, from contracting and losing their tenderness.

Use coarse salt

Always taking into account the thickness of each cut, it will be essential to use coarse salt. It is placed on both sides to salt the piece throughout cooking.

Choose meat well

Although at this point the pocketbook will prevail, the selection of the meat is key. Classic cuts such as the vacuum, the roast tapa, the skirt and the entrails take the lead. And when faced with the classic discussion about whether beef or steer, it is defined by the palate.

The charcoal must be well lit

Many beginners make a mistake by opening the fire before the coals have turned into embers. They should be red hot or with the first shades of gray.

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