Perfume: Most people make these mistakes

Perfume: Most people make these mistakes

Perfume fans want to have their favorite scent for as long as possible. Then it is important to avoid these mistakes.

When it comes to scents and smells, tastes often differ. However, when it comes to the correct use and storage of perfume, the same rules apply to everyone. However, mistakes are often made here, such as spraying the perfume on the neck or rubbing it. This can affect its effectiveness. This is the right way.

Do not spray perfume on dry skin

A common mistake is using it on dry skin. Because it literally absorbs the little splash of moisture and the scent is quickly lost. Instead, apply a fragrance-free lotion to the skin beforehand and then spray on your favorite scent. This means the perfume sticks better and the scent lasts longer.

Do not put fragrance on your neck

Most people make the mistake of applying perfume to the neck area. However, pulse points such as the wrists or behind the ears are better, as the body heat intensifies the scent there.

Do not rub perfume

When we are stressed, we often tend to rub the freshly applied perfume quickly. A mistake! Because the scent molecules are damaged and the fresh smell is lost much more quickly. Instead, let the perfume dry briefly on your skin and only then put on a sweater, blouse, etc. This protects the molecules and we have our favorite scent for much longer.

Don’t take too much

In addition, the motto “less is more” applies to perfume. Too much product can cause a pungent smell, which can have a sensory overload effect not only on other people but also on our own noses.

Do not place bottles in the sun

Even though perfumes are often a visual highlight due to their bottles, they belong in dark and cool places. This way the quality of the scent is preserved. By the way, you should never apply perfume in the sun, as this can lead to pigment spots and also cause skin irritation.

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