Film: Sunnyi Melles: “It’s good when you’re appreciated”

Film: Sunnyi Melles: “It’s good when you’re appreciated”

First she was seen in the cinema hit “Triangle of Sadness”, then in two exciting series: Sunnyi Melles is celebrating success. In her opinion, older actresses don’t have it easy.

Sunnyi Melles complains that older actresses have a hard time in the industry. “I’m not a Picasso painting that gets more expensive every day,” said the 65-year-old in an interview with “Stern”. “We actors have to earn our raison d’être with every performance. We constantly hear: She’s too thin, she’s too blonde, I can’t stand her voice. Of course it’s good when you’re recognized.”

Melles, who is Swiss and lives in Munich, recently celebrated international success. She played a special role as the entrepreneur’s wife in the 2022 Cannes winner “Triangle of Sadness”.

Melles is also part of the ARD series “Die Zweiflers” about a Jewish-German family and their delicatessen, which has been available in the media library since the beginning of May. She will soon be seen in the series “Becoming Karl Lagerfeld” as Marlene Dietrich. The series runs on Disney+ from June 7th.

Source: Stern

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