Monty Python veterans: One is missing from the birthday reunion

Monty Python veterans: One is missing from the birthday reunion

Three members of Monty Python met for a reunion. At the same time, the celebration raises the question: Where was Eric Idle?

The legendary British comedy troupe Monty Python (“Knights of the Coconut”, “The Life of Brian”) isn’t getting any younger. The four still living members of the once six-member group are aware of this – time and again they make fun of their own mortality in their usual bitter way. A reunion at which Michael Palin’s 81st birthday was celebrated was all the more joyful.

on his official X account. In addition to a picture of Palin holding a plate with birthday wishes written on it, while Cleese and Terry Gilliam (83) sit mischievously nearby, the “Bond” star wrote: “An 18-foot-long python celebrates Palin’s 181st birthday . birthday and his 195th travel book.” He further jokes: “The picture was taken in a cafe at the summit of Kilimanjaro.”

Palin’s birthday was actually on May 5th, but the meeting didn’t happen until some time later. : “I was traveling yesterday and forgot to wish Mickey Palin a happy 81st birthday. We should celebrate with Terry Gilliam tonight – if he promises to behave.” Apparently he did.

Where was Eric Idle?

Noticeable: The fourth living Monty Python member Eric Idle (81) was missing from both the party planning and the actual celebration. Is his absence related to his public criticism of the comedy group’s alleged mismanagement? In February of this year, Idle made a series of tweets in which he lashed out violently.

: “I don’t know why people always assume we’re rich.” Python was “a disaster,” at least from a financial perspective. That is also the reason why he still has to work at the age of over 80. He attributed the main reason for this to failures on the part of Terry Gilliam and his daughter Holly. Idle also wrote that he was happy that he hadn’t seen Cleese for seven years.

Cleese, on the other hand, didn’t let that go and countered that they had always “hated and loathed” each other. that it was a joke and that he meant all members among themselves. However, he did not allow Gilliam’s daughter to be criticized: “I have worked very pleasantly with Holly for the past ten years and find that she is extremely effective, determined and hard working.”

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