The beautiful park near Buenos Aires: lake, trees and even an amphitheater

The beautiful park near Buenos Aires: lake, trees and even an amphitheater

Parque Libres del Sur is a tourist destination in the Province of Buenos Aires that mixes majestic landscapes with historical monuments.

Parque Libres del Sur It is an ideal destination for a quick getaway within the Province of Buenos Aires. It is a green space that is located within the Buenos Aires district of Dolores. This place is gaining fame in the tourism for the beautiful landscape created by its artificial lake.

A short trip to break the routine helps you recharge your batteries and improve your mood due to the opportunity to discover new destinations. Combine these benefits with a trip to the nature that allows you to get away from the screens and noise of big cities, helps you get a great rest. In addition, the short distance returns to Parque Libres del Sur in an economical outing to take during a short break, weekend or holiday.

What to do in Parque Libres del Sur, Dolores

The nature contained in the Libres del Sur Park, in Dolores, invites you to plan picnics on the green grass that extends throughout the area, in Dolores’s game. Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy the sun or take shelter in the shadows of its old trees. From these places you can appreciate the majestic view of the lake.

This tourist destination not only offers its wonderful natural views, but also contains small remnants of our history. The park was founded in 1939, in commemoration of the Battle of Chascomús. This space has symbolic sculptures that represent the bravery, strength, spirit, life and honor of the heroes of the battle of the Free of the South.

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Municipality of Dolores

In addition, Parque Libres del Sur has an amphitheater with capacity for 2,000 people. In this space the traditional work of the Passion according to Saint John is performed every Holy Week, which involves more than 150 people in its execution. The park also has its children’s play section.

How to get to Parque Libres del Sur, Dolores

The journey to get to the park is relatively easy, if you take the city of La Plata as your starting point. From there, you will only have to take Highway 2 for approximately 160 kilometers and turn off at the exit towards Dolores. Upon entering, the first thing you will see will be the Parque Libres del Sur.

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