Netflix: the miniseries about death and disappearance that lasts only 3 chapters

Netflix: the miniseries about death and disappearance that lasts only 3 chapters

The well-known streaming and entertainment platform has a captivating, intense and short documentary. Find out what it is.

Netflix It has one of the most varied contents in series and among them is this shocking documentary that has just 3 chapters that last a total of 190 minutes. The production is based on a real event that occurred in 2009, which is precisely the disappearance of Marta Castillo. One of the crimes that has been ringing in Spain for more than a decade.

Since November 2021, this audiovisual questioning of a case plagued by irregularities and without any resolution has been available. Three episodes lasting almost 1 hour synthesize an investigation resulting from 2 intense years of work under the direction of Paula Cons; name: Where is Martha?


Promotional image of the documentary Where is Marta

Promotional image of the documentary Where is Marta

What is it about “Where is Marta?”, Netflix miniseries

The documentary Where is Marta is a questioning of the official investigation of the case. In addition to telling the story of the kidnapping and disappearance of the young woman from Seville, it discusses loose ends left in the caseand errors made during the investigation of the crime. It is a very strong criticism because there were gross errors and the result is that the culprit has not been convicted and the body still does not appear.

The first mistake that was made was to start the investigation a day later than requested by the family in the complaint, ignoring the claim of the people closest to her who had clear ideas of where to start searching. In addition, 2 trials were held for the same crime. Since there was a minor involved, the first trial was held with him, and the second with the 4 adults. But they both came to very different conclusions, which muddied the entire case. Third, there was an investigation that was not carried out. That is, key data, such as the geolocation of the phones at the time of the incident, could have been collected but were not. Finally, the Surveillance Camera Ruling is incorrect taking into account the information gathered, which led to the conclusion that the brother of the victim’s ex-boyfriend was the real murderer and the judges did not determine it that way.

Trailer for “Where is Marta?”, Netflix miniseries

Embed – Where is Marta del Castillo | Netflix Trailer

Cast of “Where is Marta?”, Netflix miniseries

  • Paula Cons (Director and Screenwriter)
  • Marga Luis (Executive Producer and Screenwriter)

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