Avril Lavigne gets nostalgic: her old punk rock look still works!

Avril Lavigne gets nostalgic: her old punk rock look still works!

Pure nostalgia: Avril Lavigne brings back the ’00s by wearing her famous outfit from the music video for “Complicated.”

Over 20 years ago, Avril Lavigne (39) influenced an entire generation of fans with her rebellious punk rock fashion style. At the end of May, the Canadian singer starts her “The Greatest Hits” tour and that she can still wear the style from back then.

Top and tie from “Complicated” still fit

In her current post, she presents her iconic outfit from her debut single “Complicated” from 2002. She writes: “22 years later and my ‘Complicated’ tank top and tie still fit!”

Additional slides show original recordings from the music video at the time. Additionally, following the nostalgic outfit post, Avril Lavigne announced that she would have a big announcement for her fans on Friday (May 10).

Avril Lavigne’s successful career

Avril Lavigne released her acclaimed debut album “Let Go” in June 2002 – in addition to the debut single “Complicated”, it also contained the well-known songs “Sk8ter Boi” and “I’m With You”. She was named Best Newcomer at the 2002 MTV Music Awards. Their first world tour in 2003 was considered one of the most successful tours of the year.

The second album “Under My Skin” followed in May 2004 and was also extremely successful commercially. Album number three “The Best Damn Thing” was finally released in 2007. She has released a total of seven studio albums so far.

In Germany, Lavigne will perform at the partner festivals Southside and Hurricane in June in 2024. Her tour in the USA, which runs from May to September, is already largely sold out. During these concerts she performs with special guests such as Simple Plan, All Time Low, Girlfriends* and Royal and the Serpent.

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