James Laurenson: “The Crown” actor dies

James Laurenson: “The Crown” actor dies

He became famous thanks to roles in “The Crown” and “Boney”: Now the actor James Laurenson has died at the age of 84.

New Zealand actor James Laurenson has died aged 84. Further information about the exact time or cause of death is not yet known. Laurenson has played numerous roles, especially in British TV productions, since the 1960s. He became known in this country in the 1970s because of his leading role in the series “Boney”, which was broadcast on ZDF at the time. He was most recently seen in the hit Netflix series “The Crown”.

There he played Doctor John Weir, a Scottish physician and homeopath who worked as the royal personal physician. Laurenson also achieved a milestone on TV in his more than 50-year career: alongside Ian McKellen (84), he provided the first gay kiss in British television history. He appeared in a TV adaptation of “Edward II.” written by the poet Christoper Marlowe (1594-1593) in 1970. Just three years earlier, homosexuality was decriminalized in Great Britain.

James Laurenson was a long-time resident of Britain

Laurenson is survived by his second wife, Cari Haysom, and his son, Jamie, from his first marriage. The actor was initially married to his fellow actress Carol MacReady (71) until 1997. Laurenson had been living in Great Britain for many decades.

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