Emigrate: the list of surnames that facilitate the process of Greek citizenship

Emigrate: the list of surnames that facilitate the process of Greek citizenship

Greece makes the procedures for settling in its country more flexible to naturalize the descendants of its citizens who are abroad.

Greece reported a new modification that makes it easier to obtain your citizenship. The European government proposed this regulation to nationalize the descendants of its citizens, who emigrated to other territories. This is an official list of the most common surnames in the nation, which allows for greater speed in settling in the Greek country.

Many young people aspire to a better future by seeking new opportunities in Europe. Greece is not among the most popular destinations because its immigrant community in Argentina was not as large as the Spanish or Italian ones became. But even so, the Greek government indicates that obtaining your passport is a cost-effective and quick option.

Immigrate to Greece: how to obtain citizenship

There are four main ways to obtain Greek citizenship. The first of them is through right of blood (ius sanguinis), this establishes that a person can access the document if some of their previous two generations are of Greek origin. As is also the right of land (ius soli), which endorses those born in Greece and whose parents are unknown or stateless. It also includes those whose parents are foreigners who legally reside in the country.

The other two ways involve naturalization, a process that involves residing in Greece for a specific period, demonstrating proficiency in the Greek language and having good behavior. And the citizenship through marriageis not granted immediately, but it does speed up documentation.

The Embassy of Gracia reported the requirements and procedures to access citizenship:

  • Documentation Compilation: may include birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of Greek ancestry, passports, among other relevant documents.
  • Citizenship Application: it must be presented in person before competent authorities or by going to the Greek Embassy.
  • Evaluation process– It will be examined whether the necessary requirements are met, they may involve interviews, document verifications and other investigative procedures.
  • Oath and citizenship ceremony: After the procedure is approved, a small act of oath of loyalty to the Greek nation is carried out.

Official organizations indicated that requirements may vary due to changes in immigration policies. For this reason, they recommend contacting the embassy to find out the current documentation and procedures.

Emigrate to Greece: the surnames that facilitate the citizenship process

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The surnames published by the Greek government are: Papadopoulos; Papadopoulou; Papageorgiou; Oikonomou; Papadimitriou; Georgiou; Papaioannou; Pappas; Vasileiou; Nikolaou; Karagiannis; Vlachos; Antoniou; Makris; Papanikolaou; Dimitriou; Ioannidis; Georgiadis; Triantafyllou; Papadakis.

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