What is the technological detox that combats stress and anxiety?

What is the technological detox that combats stress and anxiety?

Four out of 10 people cannot imagine spending a day away from a mobile device, since they get information on the Internet, communicate through chats, social networks, and online video games.

25 percent of those surveyed are addicted to mobile phones; 8 out of 10 use these devices, continuously, between 2.5 and 4 hours a day; The first and last thing that 51% of the population does every day is look at their smartphone.

And even up to 14 percent admit that they consult it while driving.

Although the OCU study includes a research work and population survey from Rastreator.com, it represents a postcard of the 21st century that has no flag or ideology and whose diagnosis, more or less, to any corner of the planet: technological stress.

It is about day-to-day digital stress, be it work, family, entertainment, or under any circumstance, and the antidote is known as detox, which implies: disconnecting for a period from instant messaging systems, the Internet or networks. social.

It is a kind of abstinence, the kind that is required as an unavoidable transition towards addiction treatments.

The screen is, nothing more than it goes unnoticed, unlike substances, but dependence is the common denominator.

Source: Ambito

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