Netflix: the horror film based on real events that lasts less than 100 minutes

Netflix: the horror film based on real events that lasts less than 100 minutes

The platform has this popular American production available in its catalog, which took just a few days to climb to the top 10 most viewed.

The horror film “Paranormal Activity: Family Ties” is now available on Netflix and became one of the most popular titles internationally. Since its launch, it has sold out in all cinemas worldwide and since it is on streaming platforms, it has been the most chosen among customers.

Bringing new resources to this type of cinema, such as first-person recordings, it is as novel as it is terrifying due to the way in which it shows supernatural phenomena and the lack of protection of the victims in the face of the imminent danger to which they are subjected. Without the need to generate scares through the use of scream, the film will keep you in suspense for almost 100 minutes, and going to see it is undoubtedly for the brave.


Promotional image of paranormal activity family ties

Promotional image of paranormal activity family ties

What is it about “Paranormal Activity: Family Ties”, Netflix movie

Margot and her friend Chris want to make a documentary about their past. It turns out that she was abandoned by her biological mother, Sarah, who left her at the door of a hospital. There is a recording of this event, and it is something that disturbs the protagonist, wondering why her mother would make such a drastic decision. Through a genetics site, she manages to find a relative and begins the search for her.

Upon finding him, she decides to go visit him to meet his biological family. Which, in retrospect, we consider a serious mistake by the protagonist, and even more so by her friend, her cameraman, and her sound engineer, who had nothing to do with this story. The protagonist’s family is Amish, so she lives in a house far from the rest of society and the peculiarities and fears do not take long to appear.

Trailer for “Paranormal Activity: Family Ties”, Netflix movie

Embed – Paranormal Activity, Family Ties | Trailer

Cast of “Paranormal Activity: Family Ties”, Netflix movie

  • Emily Bader as Margot
  • Roland Buck III as Chris
  • Dan Lippert as Dale
  • Henry Ayres-brown as Samuel Beiler
  • Tom Nowicki as Jacob Beiler
  • Jill Andre as Lavina
  • Alexa Shae Niziak as Mary
  • Colin Keane as Eli Beiler
  • Ari Notartomaso as Clara
  • Michael Short as Elder
  • Emerald Rose Sullivan as Kendra
  • Wesley Han as Jeremy
  • Kyli Zion as Asmodeus

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