Mother’s Day 2024: Congratulations for the celebrity moms

Mother’s Day 2024: Congratulations for the celebrity moms

Today, May 12th, is Mother’s Day – and of course it is also celebrated by celebrities who greet their favorite people.

No matter whether in Hollywood, in Germany or anywhere else in the world: the big stars and smaller celebrities also think of their mothers and celebrate their partners on May 12th. These are some of the greetings and lovely messages they shared on Instagram today.

Motherly love and time together

Heiner Lauterbach (71) has been married to his partner Viktoria since 2001, and with the children he reveals: “We prefer to give our mother time together.” But he wishes all moms “a nice day of honor, let’s celebrate, you deserve it.”

“Motherhood. All love begins and ends there – mothers hold their children’s hands for a while, but their hearts forever,” (31), which shows, among other things, her own children and her mother Sonja. She also wishes “all the wonderful mommies out there,” whom she also describes as “superhero mommies” in a story, a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Among other things, actor Mark Wahlberg (52), known from films like “Ted” and “Departed – Among Enemies”. Today he is not only thinking about his wife Rhea Durham (45), but also about his mother Alma, who died in 2021. Wahlberg wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day. Miss you Mom, love you Babe.”

Hollywood and Marvel star Chris Hemsworth (40) to two special women in his life – his wife Elsa Pataky (47) and his mom Leonie. They are his two “favorites”. In the pictures shared there was, among other things, a kiss for his mother.

Chandler Powell (27), the husband of Bindi Irwin (25), raved: “This wonderful woman here is an incredible mom, a caring wife and an all-round beautiful person. I am so grateful that she is Grace’s mom is.” Bindi is the daughter of Australian documentary filmmaker and presenter Steve Irwin, who died in 2006.

Mother’s Day for the first time

Others are celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time, like Lindsay Lohan (37). The actress reported that after a busy few months she was home in time for Mother’s Day. Lohan became a mother for the first time last summer and she especially loves “the little things,” like walks with the baby.

“Let’s Dance” star Renata Lusin (36) had her first child with her husband Valentin Lusin (37) in March. She always celebrated Mother’s Day as a daughter and was “incredibly grateful that I have such a great mom.” But now she also celebrates as a mother and has a huge respect for all mothers: “What we can do: pregnancy, birth, raising children, my God. The strongest creatures ever.”

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