Actor: Wife: Heinz Hoenig rejected by health insurance

Actor: Wife: Heinz Hoenig rejected by health insurance

A bacterial infection is said to have damaged a stent in Heinz Hoenig’s heart. He has an operation scheduled today – can he cover the costs?

The application of the seriously ill actor Heinz Hoenig (72) to be included in statutory health insurance has been rejected. His wife Annika Hoenig (39) said this on the RTL program “stern TV am Sonntag”. The conditions are not met. Now she doesn’t know what to do next, she said.

Fans and fellow actors donated more than 150,000 euros for Hoenig as part of a fundraising campaign to cover the costs of upcoming operations. His wife was grateful: “He used to earn good money and could have taken precautions, yes,” said Annika Hoenig. He always had to pay for everything himself – and at some point the reserves ran out.

The actor is scheduled to undergo his first operation today. “Heinz fights and is brave. He is very afraid, but also has a great will to live,” said Annika Hoenig. The doctors informed him well about the risks of the operations. “But he also knows that we stick together and that love is greater than anything that lies ahead.”

According to media reports, a bacterial infection damaged a stent in Hoenig’s heart and the aorta had to be replaced. There is also a hole in the esophagus.

Hoenig starred, among other things, in the 80s hit “Das Boot” and is also known from television series by director Dieter Wedel from the 90s (“The Great Bellheim”, “The Shadow Man”, “The King of St. Pauli”) . Most recently he took part in the RTL jungle camp as a candidate.

Source: Stern

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