“Downton Abbey” will return with a third movie

“Downton Abbey” will return with a third movie

The Crawley family returns to theaters with a new movie. The film will feature new and old faces.


The Crawley family and their servants, who run a sprawling English estate in the early 20th century, return for a third film. “Downton Abbey,” which will feature new and old faces.

The award-winning series “Downton Abbey” achieved great audience success in Great Britain and the United States after its broadcast as a series of television since 2010. It lasted six seasons and was followed by two films, released in 2019 and 2022.

Universal Pictures, Focus Features and Carnival Films said Monday that series creatorJulian Fellowes, he had written the third film in the franchise “Downton Abbey” and that many members of the original cast, including Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern – who play patriarch Robert Crawley and his wife Cora, respectively – would return.

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They are joined by the actor from “Those Who Remain” and Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti and Joely Richardsonfrom the Netflix series “The Gentlemen”,

The star of “The Crown” Dominic West who played actor Guy Dexter in the 2022 film “Downton Abbey: A New Age,” will reprise the role in the new film.

Simon Curtis will also return as director after directing the second film.

Trailer for the second Downton Abbey movie

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