Beautiful and cheap: the town that hides among the mountains just half an hour from Bariloche

Beautiful and cheap: the town that hides among the mountains just half an hour from Bariloche

Away from the crowds, this Patagonian city provides peace and the opportunity to connect with nature to those who visit.

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In the vicinity of the busiest destinations in the Patagoniathere is a secret refuge waiting for those looking to escape the crowds: Villa Llanquin. This small town, inhabited by around 350 permanent residents, is located between the Limay River and the mountains, standing out for its steppe scenery.

Located 40 kilometers from Bariloche, this place offers rest and contact with nature in a privileged environment, where telephone signal is scarce. Initially known to fishermen, Villa Llanquin has experienced growth in recent years thanks to rural tourism, word of mouth and social media platforms.

To this day, it is still a destination without predefined tourist routes, although it already has five campsites, cabins and an inn with a restaurant. If you are thinking of exploring new corners of the Patagoniawe detail what unmissable experiences await you in this haven of serenity.


The Limay River in its maximum splendor

The Limay River in its maximum splendor

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What to do in Villa Llanquín, Río Negro

One of the outstanding features of this town is its entrance, which is done by crossing the river on a raft or through a pedestrian bridge. Once inside, visitors can explore the Newenkelen fair to purchase homemade products or crafts.

Nature enthusiasts will find hiking trails, areas along the Limay River ideal for sport fishing (the season runs from November to March), horseback riding opportunities and places for climbing, such as Colored Stones. In addition, you can cycle through the Return of Chacay Streama 60 kilometer circuit.

Finally, an attractive alternative is a visit to the town’s lavender field, which offers guided tours. This project began with 50 plants and currently houses more than 4,000.

How to get to Villa Llanquín from Bariloche

Villa Llanquin is located in the province of Black riverspecifically at kilometer 1610 of the National Route 237. Here, the Maroma raft transports vehicles across the Limay River, while visitors can cross on foot over a pedestrian bridge. The raft operates daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and its use is free.

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