King Charles III lost his sense of taste due to cancer treatment

King Charles III  lost his sense of taste due to cancer treatment

King Charles III, who was suffering from cancer. spoke about a side effect of his treatment at an official appointment. He revealed that he has lost his sense of taste.

The British King Charles III. (75) is known to have made his cancer public at the beginning of February. The monarch has been undergoing treatment ever since. However, Buckingham Palace has not yet shared details of Charles’ cancer treatment. During a visit to the Army Flying Museum in Hampshire this Monday (May 13th), the 75-year-old revealed a private detail from the past few weeks and months: King Charles lost his sense of taste due to cancer treatment.

King Charles reveals detail of his cancer

The monarch was at the Army Aviation Center in Hampshire on Monday to award his eldest son Prince William (41) the title of Honorary Colonel of the Army Air Corps, which he previously held. On this occasion, Charles also visited the Army Flying Museum at the same location and chatted with some veterans of the British Armed Forces.

A man identified as Aaron Mapplebeck told the King on that occasion that he had undergone chemotherapy for testicular cancer last year. Mapplebeck lost his sense of taste. King Charles then replied that the same had happened to him.

Advances in cancer treatment

The monarch’s cancer was discovered at the beginning of the year after a prostate procedure in a London clinic. Charles immediately sought treatment and stopped attending public appointments. At the end of April, however, the king returned to public life and first visited a cancer treatment center in London together with Queen Camilla (76). On this occasion, Charles revealed that he was still undergoing treatment. It is not known whether his sense of taste has returned in the meantime.

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