The rise of drinking wine in a glass, an option that is here to stay

The rise of drinking wine in a glass, an option that is here to stay

With innovative dispensers, happy hours or tastings, some restaurants aim to relax consumption and not limit it to accompanying meals. Here, six unmissable options.


Aldo’s Restorán1.jpg

The renowned sommelier Aldo Graziani is the alma mater of Aldo’s Restorán, where unique wines from all over the country converge with tasty Italian-American cuisine. The selection includes small, medium and large winemakers distributed throughout the country, surprising with some limited batches and great Argentine classics. The menu invites you to discover more than 700 options per bottle and 50 labels to taste by the glass, including high-end examples served with the Coravin system. There is a choice between sparkling wines, whites, oranges, rosés, clarets, reds and dessert wines, in sizes of 75 cc, 150 cc, 175 cc and 250 cc. On average, prices vary between $4,000 and $20,000. In the Top line, there are jewels worth up to $131,000. For pairing, the antipasti made with top-of-the-line products, homemade pastas, premium meats and fish are not to be missed. of the day. For a more relaxed meeting, the date can be moved to the Graziani wine bar, a few meters from the Botanical Garden, where it offers more than 70 wines and 9 options by the glass to accompany cheeses, charcuterie and Mediterranean dishes.

Addresses: Arévalo 2032, Palermo (Aldo’s Restorán) and Syrian Arab Republic 3037, Palermo (Aldo’s Wine Bar).


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Casa Seis is a small place located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Chacarita, where you are invited to taste wines from all regions of the country paired with signature tapas. The sommelier Florencia Turdera chose each wine to accompany the different preparations on the menu, which provide an interesting fusion of flavors and textures. To drink by the glass, three fixed options are offered (El Gordo en Motoneta Pinot Grigio, the Indelible rosé and the 10 Meridianos Malbec from Numerología winery) and three that vary week by week (a full-bodied white, an orange and a light red). . The estimated price range is between $3,000 and $6,000 per glass and service is at the table. To accompany it, we suggest candied carrots with sesame yogurt and furikake, and burnt ricotta with herbs, accompanied by a chutney of tomatoes, eggplant and almond sugar.

Address: Guevara 495, Chacarita.


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At Mago Parrilla, outstanding cuts of meat are accompanied by a careful selection of wines by the renowned sommelier Marcela Rienzo. Her cellar, located in the living room, contains labels from all the country’s wine regions, including not so well-known projects with an excellent quality-price ratio. The menu is renewed every six months in order to explore and publicize different wines, from unconventional grapes and from atypical areas of the country, such as Buenos Aires, Entre Ríos and Jujuy. Some recommendations to try by the glass are Nieto Senetiner Semillón, Patrimonial Malbec, Tilia Orgánico Cabernet Sauvignon and DV Cabernet Malbec from Catena Zapata, whose prices range between $4000 and $7000 for a 250cc measure, served in a mini decanter to maintain the proper temperature. In addition, sometimes they add some “pearls” from different regions.

Address: corner Monroe and Montañeses, Belgrano.


In Villa Crespo you will find Somos Asado, a restaurant specializing in aged meats and signature dishes baked in a wood oven. The proposal is completed with a limited but very interesting wine list that covers different styles and regions of the country. The objective is that the client has the possibility of exploring and discovering new specimens that adapt to their tastes and preferences. They have 8 or 6 options per glass that change regularly, responding to the season of the year, to be in tune with the flavors of the menu. Currently, you can choose between Masi Torrontés-Pinot Gris, Flaneur Naranjo, Matías Morcos Blanco Escurrido, Matías Morcos Criolla, Pyros Appellation Malbec, Finca Beth 2KM Arranque Malbec, Masi Malbec-Corvina and Matías Morcos Tinto del Este Corte. The house’s suggestion is to go for the full glass, 200 ml, but they also offer a half glass and a tasting measure. Prices range from $4000 to $6200.

Address: Av. Scalabrini Ortiz 651, Villa Crespo.



With offices in Palermo, Nordelta and Málaga (Spain), Hierro is an avant-garde grill that combines meats matured indoors, seasonal vegetables, signature cocktails and a great wine offering. Some of their labels can be ordered by the glass (in 150 cl sizes) and the offer is divided into two sections: classics such as Hermandad Chardonnay, Nicasia Blanc de Blancs, Salentein Reserva Pinot Noir, Aruma Malbec, La Flor Malbec and Cuchillo de Palo Cabernet Franc, which range from $4,000 to $8,000 per glass; and specials such as DV Catena Zapata Malbec and Angélica Zapata Cabernet Sauvignon, for $8,000 and $9,000. In turn, they add a special drink of the day that varies each time. A great option to pair with its grilled cuts of meat or its tasty artisanal preparations.

Addresses: Boulevard del Mirador 220, Nordelta; Costa Rica 5602, Palermo.



Malcriado -Entre Fuegos y Vinos- is a restaurant and wine bar with locations in Parque Leloir and Tortuguitas, where wines and meats are the protagonists. There, modern dispensing machines draw attention from where different measures of wines specially chosen to pair with their gastronomic proposal can be served. This selection is in charge of the owner of the place, Marcelo Gil, who offers everything from affordable and high-quality options to high-end wines. They can be tasted by measure of 35 cc, half glass (90 cc) and full glass (180 cc), with traditional alternatives such as Nieto Chardonnay, La Linda Malbec, Nicasia Malbec, Trumpeter Malbec, Salentein Cabernet Franc, Animal Cabernet Sauvignon, DV Catena Blend and Sweet Portillo. Prices range from $1,700 to $4,400 per glass. To accompany it, the menu features grilled preparations, a clay oven and a plow disc.

Addresses: Martín Fierro 3249, Parque Leloir and Ramal Pilar Km 36.5, Tortuguitas (Shopping TOM)

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