Iguazú will have one of the largest Convention Centers in the region

Iguazú will have one of the largest Convention Centers in the region

It will have a capacity for 10,000 attendees and a broad vision of its future marketing, looking towards the markets of neighboring countries.

After the pandemic, Meeting tourism (also known as the MICE segment) was one of those that took the longest to reactivate, incorporating new modalities, but it has been proven that contact and interaction between people continues to be difficult to replace.; On the other hand, it generates significant income for host cities and countries through the booking of accommodation, restaurants, transportation and other tourist services. Puerto Iguazú is a destination very well located in the border area, with the Falls and a favorable climate all year round, which in a few months will have the inauguration of one of the largest Convention Centers in the region, with capacity for 10,000 attendees and with a broad vision in its future marketing, looking towards the markets of neighboring countries, as strategic partners in the development of the City.

From the Ente Visit Iguazú, its President Leopoldo Lucas tells how they promote the destination for meeting tourism “We have been working on the dissemination of the destination so that in this “Iguazú all year round” the tourist has the possibility of enjoying all those natural cultural folkloric attractions and promoting so that companies plan their events combining a first-class service with all these attractions. In this sense, the Hotel Falls Iguazú recently added a convention hall with capacity for 1,600 people to the destination’s offering and is working to have another center with capacity for up to 10,000 attendees in the coming months, which encourages us to pull large events to our City, and this always accompanied by the attractions and everything that this implies in terms of service infrastructure with 15,000 hotel rooms so that tourists can enjoy first class for their events. Connectivity is a key factor, since we are directly connected to Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Salta, Tucumán and also Jujuy, with a tourist corridor that allows us to connect with Mendoza, all available to bring tourists to our City to enjoy everything. the year of these natural wonders,” concludes Lucas.

CT Group is the one who is building the Selva Events and Convention Center Iryapu(in Guaraní it means distant sound of water, in reference to the Iguazú Falls), located in the environmental reserve that bears the same name, overlooking the Iguazú River and in the vicinity of the Tancredo Neves bridge. “This project has been in the works for 8 years with an investment by the group of around $30 million since its inception. It was born in destiny and everyone is waiting for it, since it will benefit all sectors. There are two halls of 5,000 people maximum each, developed on a 15-hectare property in the middle of the jungle, with Brazil in front of us and Paraguay on the side, on the bank of the Iguazú River. It is an ideal place, given that there is connectivity with three airports, where flights arrive from Santiago de Chile, Uruguay, Lima and adding the flights that arrive from Argentina, therefore, it will become a regional Center; so that those who attend will be able to interact in the three border cities, increasing the activity of the region,” explains Sergio Abalo General Manager of CT Group. “Our purpose is always to work for Destiny; In Iguazú currently the maximum capacity for events is 400 people, in this way we would be expanding the attendees to 10,000 without any inconvenience, and not only that, on the Brazilian side there are already events of that magnitude, since Foz de Iguazú is in the third place for the largest number of events behind São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The important thing is that it will accompany a greater development of beds and infrastructure and what this type of tourism generates economically. There is already a reality that the province of Misiones won the Ophthalmology 2027 event thanks to this Center. Before, it would have been impossible to apply due to the number of attendees exceeding 5,000 people and there was no infrastructure to develop it,” concludes Abalo.

The Selva Iryapu Events and Convention Center will have two blocks, which will be able to host different events simultaneously and attached meeting rooms, the hallways will have modular walls, in addition to offering several small rooms, which can be used for storage, dressing rooms, support, as well as have service elevators and a strategic underground street for unloading or private entrance for VIPs, and a parking lot with capacity for 600 vehicles.

Source: Ambito

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