Matthias Schweighöfer: Styleless with a clutch in Cannes

Matthias Schweighöfer: Styleless with a clutch in Cannes

At the Cannes Film Festival, actress Ruby O. Fee shined in a shiny mermaid robe. But of all people, her boyfriend Matthias Schweighöfer stole the show with a handbag. A style criticism

Actress Ruby O. Fee appeared like a water goddess in a shiny robe at the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival. With her hair still damp, she looked as if she had just emerged from the glittering sea on the Croisette. A look with which the German outshined many international stars on the red carpet. Only one person stole the show from her and the mermaid’s robe: her boyfriend Matthias Schweighöfer.

Matthias Schweighöfer attracts attention with his accessories

Although the actor was wearing a black oversized suit that was hardly noticeable at first glance, he was holding something in his hand that attracted a lot of attention: a circular, shiny clutch. At first you thought that Schweighöfer had taken it from his girlfriend – very gentlemanlike – but when he posed in front of the cameras, he showed: It’s his, not hers.

Matthias Schweighöfer with a mirror clutch on the red carpet in Cannes

Mirror, mirror, in hand, who is the vainest in the land? At least on the opening evening you could say: definitely Matthias Schweighöfer. If it had been Ruby O. Fee’s bag, you could at least have said: It fits the look. But in the actor’s hand it looked like a foreign object, something between a Frisbee and grandma’s pill bottle – and therefore anything but stylish.

Mutch – the clutch for men

There is actually nothing wrong with men showing up on the red carpet with handbags. After all, many fashion and accessory collections today are gender fluid; a bag is no longer just a women’s accessory. This is also demonstrated by stars such as Harry Styles and Jared Leto, who often appear with luxury bags on their wrists, as well as Jacob Elordi and David Beckham, who wear crossbody bags. Even footballers like Günter Netzer used the accessory in the 70s. Sometimes you would see her with a small briefcase in her hand or a wash bag under her armpit. There was even a name for her model: Mutch, the clutch for men.

But what sets these bags apart from the Schweighöfer model is that they were practical – at least a few useful things fit in them. However, there wasn’t even room for a cell phone in the actor’s hat. She was decoration, a pure dazzler. Schweighöfer could have simply left the thing at home. After all, he had the most dazzling person of the evening at his side anyway: Ruby O. Fee.

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