Mark Zuckerberg: Sweet gifts for his 40th birthday

Mark Zuckerberg: Sweet gifts for his 40th birthday

For his 40th birthday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg received an extremely personal gift from his wife Priscilla.

Even before his birthday on May 14th, Mark Zuckerberg (40) gave himself a gift that perfectly matched his bank balance as the fourth richest person in the world. , the legendary Facebook founder bought a 118 meter long super yacht for a whopping $300 million. The gifts that his wife Priscilla Chan (39) surprised him with at his birthday party were less expensive, but much more personal.

Walk through time as a gift from his wife Priscilla

As the social media star (and of course also on Facebook) revealed, Priscilla gave him a walk-through journey through time through his previous life for his special day. Zuckerberg enthusiastically wrote: “I’m grateful for my first 40 years! Priscilla threw me a little party and recreated a few places where I used to live.”

According to him, these places associated with his breathtaking career, which Priscilla had recreated in the garden of her villa in Palo Alto, California, included his childhood bedroom, “where I learned to program,” and his dorm room at Harvard, where he founded Facebook , as well as “Pinocchio’s Pizzeria”, which was his second home during his college days.

With special guest Bill Gates in the former Harvard room

Among the guests at his casual garden party was Microsoft founder Bill Gates (68). In one of the pictures posted, the two multi-billionaire friends can be seen lounging around in the backdrop of Zuckerberg’s old Harvard student room in unspectacular black T-shirts and jeans or shorts. Zuckerberg concluded his post with a thank you for “the fact that people from all over the world came to celebrate with me.”

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