“Victoria’s Secret”: The fashion show is coming back after a break

“Victoria’s Secret”: The fashion show is coming back after a break

“Victoria’s Secret” surprises with this announcement: After a break of several years, the legendary runway show is set to return in the fall.

The lingerie label “Victoria’s Secret” has announced the return of its legendary runway show next fall. This last took place in 2018 and then went on a break of several years after the company faced criticism that the underwear fashion show was not diverse enough.

In 2023, after rebranding and focusing on more diversity, “Victoria’s Secret” finally presented the “Victoria’s Secret World Tour” as a new edition in the form of a film that can be seen on Prime Video. Now the fashion show is to be brought back to the catwalk in a revised form.

Runway show “will become even more iconic”

in which ex-“Angel” Candice Swanepoel (35) can be seen, “Victoria’s Secret” announced its comeback: “We have read the comments and heard you. The ‘Victoria’s Secret’ fashion show is back and will reflect, who we are today – plus everything you know and love, glamour, catwalk, grand piano, musical entertainment and more… it only gets more iconic from here on out.”

Before the break in 2018, the fashion show flickered across television screens every year for 23 years. Top models presented skimpy lingerie in a spectacular way as so-called “angels”. Over time, the former “Angels” included Heidi Klum (50), Adriana Lima (42), Miranda Kerr (41), Gisele Bündchen (43), Karlie Kloss (31) and many other well-known models. It is not yet known who will ensure more diversity on the fashion show runway this year.

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