Cannes Film Festival: Francis Ford Coppola presented his latest film “Megalopolis”

Cannes Film Festival: Francis Ford Coppola presented his latest film “Megalopolis”

The director of “The Godfather” finally gave birth to his latest film, which he began to conceive more than 40 years ago and cost him the sale of part of his vineyard.

The renowned film director Francis Ford Coppola presented at the Cannes Film Festival your passion project “Megalopolis”a 138-minute film in epic story format inspired by the story of Rome.

Francis Ford Coppola’s process to make “Megalopolis”

Director of “The Godfather” will compete for Palme d’Or for the first time since he won the award with “Apocalypse Now”in 1979. This will be Coppola’s last film, which was financed largely by himself, and even required him to sell part of his wine business to finance the production of the feature film.

Coppola started the project in the early 1980s and worked on it up and down over the following decades with various actors.

The final budget of the work that the director almost abandoned in 2007 due to lack of support It was 120 million dollars. However, toIt has not yet found a distributor to screen the film in the United States. although it will reportedly have a limited world release in Imax theaters sometime this year.

The plot of “Megalopolis”, Francis Ford Coppola’s latest film

The film stars Adam Driver, who plays Caesar Catilina, an architect-scientist who wants to improve a fictional version of New York called New Romesomething that will earn him his confrontation with Mayor Franklyn Cicero, played by Giancarlo Esposito.

According to Coppola himself, the plot is inspired by an attempted coup d’état in the year 63 BC by the Roman aristocrat Lucio Sergio Catilinawho also gives the name to the main character.

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