Heinz Hoenig: Ralph Siegel comments on the drama surrounding the actor

Heinz Hoenig: Ralph Siegel comments on the drama surrounding the actor

With his management company, Ralph Siegel launched a fundraising campaign for his friend Heinz Hoenig. The actor has been battling health problems in hospital for weeks. The star asked Siegel.

Heinz Hoenig has been fighting for his life in the hospital for weeks. At his side is his wife Annika Kärsten-Hoenig, who passionately supports the actor. Last Monday, Heinz Hoenig had to undergo esophageal surgery – just the first of many procedures that will result in a long time in the clinic.

Heinz Hoenig: Ralph Siegel comments on the drama surrounding health insurance

Ralph Siegel also supports Hoenig. Together with his management agency Siegelring, the music producer has launched a fundraising campaign for Hoenig. Because the “Das Boot” star does not have health insurance. The news that money had to be collected for Hoenig caused a lack of understanding among some people. How can someone in Germany be dependent on something like that? (For an explanation of how this is possible, read .)

In conversation with the star Siegel made it clear that this news hardly surprised him. “It happens to many artists that they are not doing well in old age and it can even get to the point where they cannot pay for their health insurance. This is a dramatic situation that one can only regret and find terrible. Many actors struggle with this “even though they were known and successful for years,” Siegel explains the problem. “The jungle camp helped Heinz a little financially, but the money was then immediately gone. If you have a little something, the tax office comes straight away,” he says.

“He’s a very lovely man”

Above all, he feels sorry for his friend Hoenig, who is part of Siegel’s agency. “Heinz hasn’t been feeling well for some time, we knew that. It’s of course a terrible story, when you hear about the operations that are going to happen, you immediately feel completely different. I’ve had so many difficulties with my health myself the last few years, that I know how you feel there,” said the 78-year-old. He knows Hoenig from the “so-called Munich scene”. They are friends, but “not so close because Heinz doesn’t live in Munich,” he explains. “He’s a very lovable man. Good Heinz and his Annika are fighting a sad, hard battle. You can only wish and hope that they get through the next operation together,” says Siegel.

Kärsten-Hoenig recently revealed that her husband is already doing a little better after the first operation. He is even able to make phone calls. “Heinz feels the love of his family, that gives him strength. He is a fighter and we will never give up. No person who loves his children would give up. Heinz is the bull and I am his lioness. We will continue to be strong for ours “Be family,” she told the “Bild” newspaper.

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