Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Rumors of a marital crisis

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: Rumors of a marital crisis

Jennifer Lopez appeared alone at the Met Gala. A few days later, rumors of a marital crisis between her and Ben Affleck began circulating. What’s behind it?

Two years after Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck celebrated their vows extravagantly, things are said to be not going well for the couple’s marriage. Several US tabloids are reporting a “Bennifer” marriage crisis. “The problems started a few months ago when Jen started increasing her work commitments and preparing for her tour,” a source told US Weekly. “Most of the time they are on two completely different sides,” it continues.

Marriage crisis for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

Meanwhile, TMZ published photos showing Ben Affleck leaving his home in the luxury Brentwood district of Los Angeles. He is said to have spent the last few nights there – without his wife. However, the photos also show that the filmmaker is wearing his wedding ring.

There is always speculation about the marriage of the two. Not least because Affleck in particular often doesn’t seem like he’s having much fun during public appearances with his wife. He repeatedly causes internet memes with his grim expression. Lopez even appeared alone at the Met Gala in early May. According to TMZ, Affleck didn’t have time because he had to work. The evening before, however, he was there for the Netflix comedy show about football star Tom Brady (“The Roast of Tom Brady”). Brady played for the New England Patriots for years, and Affleck is a big fan of the club.

When Lopez and Affleck got closer again in 2021 and the first paparazzi photos of them made the rounds, quite a few fans felt catapulted back to the noughties. After two years of dating, during which they not only got engaged but also dominated the tabloids of the time, Lopez and Affleck announced their separation in 2004. The general consensus at the time: Affleck couldn’t cope with JLo’s fame and saw his own career damaged by the gossip reports and the joint movie flop “Gigli.”

They found each other again in 2021, and the big wedding followed in 2022. Now it could all be over again.

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