What is the new technology that rejuvenates the skin?

What is the new technology that rejuvenates the skin?

It is a therapy that uses the properties of different tones of light to repair damaged tissues. Find out everything here.

The manufacturers of masks specialized in skincare They say they can improve acne, reduce fine lines that appear with aging, even out skin tone, and give you an overall glow. This is done by simply sitting with the device on for a few minutes, letting the light illuminate your face.

The type of treatment and its effect will depend on the color of the light used, which is directly related to the wavelength range. The most common are red, blue and green LED lightalthough most of these skins include many more options.

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What are the types of skin treatment

  • Red light: one of the most popular due to its deep penetration power that has an impact on collagen production, that is, it helps blur small wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Blue light: It is anti-bacterial, which means it is beneficial for acne (or anti-acne), especially because it also reduces inflammation and accelerates healing. The blue LED light also has a purifying effect.
  • Green light: the best against spots due to its effect on melanin-producing cells. The effect of green LED is especially effective with hyperpigmentation of all types, whether due to age or the sun.
  • White light: combines all colors and, therefore, their benefits. Its glow and illuminating effect stands out.
  • Orange light: recommended to treat dull skin with a lack of luminosity.
  • Yellow light: the one that skin with rosacea will use due to its ability to reduce its main symptoms. It is also recommended in case of sunburn.
  • Cyan light: it has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it is indicated to reduce acne and conditions such as redness.
  • Purple light: known for its regenerative power, it is the most effective with scars and small acne marks.

Are LED masks worth it?

While benefits such as improving signs of photoaging and increasing collagen may take a few months, Red light can calm inflammation in a single 10-minute session, the exposure period recommended by dermatologists.

Therefore, although they are not strictly necessary for the routine, those who can access a quality one have so far proven to be beneficial.

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