Andrés Calamaro reacted to the version of “Mil Horas” by Lali Espósito

Andrés Calamaro reacted to the version of “Mil Horas” by Lali Espósito

Through his social networks, the singer celebrated that his colleague had made a cover of his famous song, originally released in 1983, and wrote: “Thank you so much Lali for singing our song. It belongs to everyone. A thousand loves”.


“I support the motion from minute zero. I am with Mr. Cachorro López behind this fortunate adventure,” said Andrés, making it clear how involved he is artistically and commercially with the relaunch of this national rock icon.

“We celebrate it. Producers and artists have their share of royalties but normally we very willingly accept what we get. We don’t even find out how much it amounts to in money unless we receive advances,” said Calamaro.

To close, he also announced that they are in talks with Lali to do something together and revealed by reposting a note: “Much more than “banking”… I am proud and grateful. I committed to this next album, we invited Lali to sing and she said yes. I also don’t have to authorize a version, let’s say that Lali authorized us to Los Abuelos Mark 2,” she noted.

Lali Espósito’s version of “Mil Horas”

The singer Lali Espósito had shared various messages on social networks that were interpreted as signs of a new release. Finally, at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, a version performed by the pop icon of “Mil Horas,” a song written by Calamaro and Marcelo Scornik.

This is another preview of a new proposal from the producer Lopez Puppywho is recording again some songs by one of the most representative bands of Argentine rock Los Abuelos de la Nada.

This song, originally released in 1983, was part of the musical group’s second album titled “Vasos y Besos.” The other pieces that make up the album to be released this year so far are “Hymn of my heart” and “This is the heat”the latter with the participation of the group The Tsar.

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