Juana Viale and her boyfriend, Yago Lange, were present at a special night for Adrián Suar and Griselda Siciliani

Juana Viale and her boyfriend, Yago Lange, were present at a special night for Adrián Suar and Griselda Siciliani

The couple was photographed at the premiere of the new play that also stars Benjamín Vicuña, Jorgelina Aruzzi and Peto Menahem.

Juana Viale and her boyfriend, Yago Lange, they are no longer hidden publicly. Last night, The couple enjoyed the premiere of the new play by Adrián Suar, Griselda Siciliani, Benjamín Vicuña, Jorgelina Aruzzi and Peto Menahem at the National Theater.

The couple came hand in hand and although they did not want to pose in front of the photographers present, they did not stop smiling while they took photos of them. For the occasion, They both opted for a very informal look.: She wore blue jeans, a multicolored sweater, a black vest, sneakers and a beret, while he also opted for blue jeans, but he covered himself with a sweatshirt with a large print, sports shoes and an orange vest.

The lovers arrived a while before the first official performance of Congratulations and they left as soon as it was over, laughing and greeting everyone who recognized them.

Viale and Lange have just spent several weeks on a sailboat with which they crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The couple was accompanied by three friends who joined the adventure. In “Lola”, the boat 14 meters long and four meters widethe actress and host was, for example, in charge of cooking, also together with her partner Mery Sackmann They collected samples to analyze microplastics while other crew members were in charge of recording everything with their cameras. A trip that took months of planning, but without a daily routine in which everyone took turns sleeping and standing guard 24 x 7.

“It was an interesting trip, this was “The first section of a long-term project that we have to explore different seas to expose the situation of the oceans”he told The nation in a one-on-one talk a few days ago, where he related a little about his experience. “You don’t know what you’re going to find, the ocean is a huge environment, it’s too gigantic and I think we know very little. We know the sea, the coast, the shore, the sensation of surfing or playing in the sand, but not the depths, getting into three thousand meters of depth without having land in sight, having wonderful encounters with animals, is something that cannot be missed. to surprise you and part of this mission and this journey is to find these beautiful, cute things that coexist in this world and portray them, live them and experience them,” he added.

Viale and Lange confirmed their romance in February of this year. What began as a friendship due to their common interests, mainly their environmental activism with a focus on the preservation of the oceans, ended in a much closer bond that neither of them now wants to hide.

The actress and host was the first to publish an image of the two, with which they whitened the link. After this first step, it was the turn of the nautical athlete, who exposed his girlfriend with a funny postcard from the beach during the couple’s stay in Mar del Plata. Rumors about their romance started a while ago when a camera THE M (America) found them in a restaurant. For a long time neither of them referred to their relationship in public or before the media. “I prefer not to talk about my partner,” the host told this medium just a few days ago, maintaining the low profile that characterizes her in terms of her personal life.

After his separation from the architect Agustín GoldenhornViale dared to believe in love again thanks to Lange, who is 35 years old and is the son of Olympic medalist Santiago Lange. The young man took his first steps in nautical sports with his brother Kalus and they chose yachting to do so.

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