Trueno revealed that he was scammed by his former work team: “I had to start from scratch”

Trueno revealed that he was scammed by his former work team: “I had to start from scratch”

Mateo Palacios Corazzinaknown as Thunder and one of the main artists of the young music, made a shocking revelation. The rapper assured that last year he suffered scamshad to pay a fortune and went bankrupt.

The Argentine freestyler was interviewed on the Spanish program “La Resistencia” and there he recalled: “precisely one of the problems I had last year was that the work team I had took all my moneyso we are pedaling back.”

“Karma exists and life is going to give them back what they did. It is best to contain yourself, not to stain the energy. Our energy is too pure to do bad things or be there with resentment. If what they want is money, they should put it in their pockets.”

“They took millions that belonged to my music. The industry is very screwed, especially with young people who simply have a dream, which is to sing.”the rapper reflected.

Trueno closed by stating that “with a small clause they were the owners of ‘Atrevido’, of ‘Bien o mal’, of all my songs and I had to pay them for it to be mine again. Things that happen”.

Trueno and his opinions on scams

In December of last year he announced his separation from Tierra, the music artist development agency and record label founded by his previous manager, Don Chodis. Against him and the entire team he turned all his discomfort on social networks.

“2023 was a year of changes and transition, where I had to learn many things: get rid of fake people, a work team that scammed me, having to fight alongside my mother and my grandmother against the worst disease, among other things that I don’t externalize. Now I am a new Mateo, closer to my audience and more eager for everything, now yes,” she wrote in a tweet she published on December 15. “2024 is the year, it is ours and there is no brake for anyone. New album, new era. And if you don’t like it, change the channel because we are very alive, little light bug.”

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