Netflix: the romantic miniseries based on a classic that has chapters of only 20 minutes

Netflix: the romantic miniseries based on a classic that has chapters of only 20 minutes

In times of immediacy, the length of the episodes is important when choosing content. Always the same day fulfills that slogan.

With more than 247 million subscribers, and presence in 190 countries, Netflix remains the movie streaming platform and series leader in the market. On this occasion, A remake of the iconic film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, “Always the Same Day,” appears in its catalog.

In this case, it is a series with 1 season of 14 episodes, each lasting approximately 20 minutes. The production is British, and the commitment to the cast is diverse and more in line with what films and series are looking for today.


What is it about “Always the same day”, Netflix miniseries

Always the Same Day tells the story of Emma and Dexter, two people who meet on their graduation night and are instantly attracted to each other. From there, life separates its paths from the next day. Despite the distance, they will remain friends for years while destiny has surprises prepared for them.

Both progress differently in their studies, work, and relationships, but apparently a feeling closer to that of a simple friendship never ceases to weigh on them. The chapters of the series summarize each year they spend apart and the reunions they have throughout their lives.

Trailer for “Always the Same Day”, Netflix miniseries

Embed – Always the same day (IN SPANISH) | Official trailer | Netflix

Cast of “Always the same day”, Netlfix miniseries

  • Ambika Mod (Emma)
  • Leo Woodall (Dexter)
  • Eleanor Tomlinson (Sylvie)
  • Jonny Weldon (Ian)
  • Essie Davis (Alison)
  • Tim McInnerny (Stephen)

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