Nobility: New family photos of the Spanish royals

Nobility: New family photos of the Spanish royals

Felipe and Letizia have been married to each other for 20 years. To mark the occasion, the “monarchy rescuers” are publishing new family photos.

The Spanish royal couple celebrates their 20th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. On this occasion, the royal family in Madrid released several pictures of King Felipe VI. (56) and Queen Letizia (51), as well as their two daughters, Crown Princess Leonor (18) and Infanta Sofía (17), taking a walk in the gardens of the Royal Palace in the west of the capital.

It was not announced whether and how Felipe and Letizia will celebrate the event. The weekly agenda of “Casa Real” shows that both have no public appointments on Wednesday.

In the most recent family photos you can see Felipe and Letizia posing intimately as a couple and also with their daughters. “Eleven photos in which they show their bond in a relaxed atmosphere,” commented the television station RTVE.

The marriage of the then crown prince to the well-known TV journalist took place on May 22, 2004. A good ten years later, in June 2014, Felipe ascended the throne after his father Juan Carlos abdicated in the wake of various scandals. With their exemplary behavior, Felipe and Letizia saved the Spanish monarchy, which had previously been shaken by corruption and other affairs, many media outlets have stated again recently.

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