Netflix: the disturbing horror movie that lasts 100 minutes and will leave you cold

Netflix: the disturbing horror movie that lasts 100 minutes and will leave you cold

Cage is one of the most successful Spanish horror films on the streaming platform.

Cage is one of the films of Netflix which surprised horror fans the most. It is a Spanish production that focuses on a worn-out couple who find a girl wandering in the middle of a desolate countryside, in the middle of nowhere. The couple will learn about the fears and traumas that the young woman has through the development of the story.

The film also presents another psychological aspect to the problems of motherhood. This characteristic is presented early in the plot because Paula, one of the protagonists, is in the middle of fertility treatment. This procedure takes the couple to the limit of their relationship, just before finding the mysterious girl.

What is it about Cage, Netflix horror movie

The couple made up of Paula and her husband, Simón. They find Clara, alone in the middle of the road. They do their best to save her, they go to the hospital and, Not knowing her whereabouts and listening to the suggestions of doctors and workers, they decide to adopt her. momentarily.

Clara’s arrival seemed to be a miracle for Paula’s desire to be a mother. She tries to take care of the girl but she will begin to be a big problem for the marriage and the integrity of everyone. The couple quickly learns thatThe toddler is obsessed that a monster will punish her if she leaves a square of chalk. This “prison” gives its name to the title of the film and its barriers will soon be broken so that strange things can happen in the house.

Trailer for Cage, Netflix horror movie

Embed – CAGE. Official Trailer. Exclusively in cinemas.

Cast of Cage, Netflix horror film

This is the first production directed by Ignacio Tatay. She stars Elena Anayawho gives one of her best performances as Paula and Pablo Molinero will complement her like her husband, Simón. Besides, Eva Tennear demonstrates her young talent by playing Clara. Other relevant roles are brought to life by Eva Llorach, Carlos Santos and Esther Acebo.

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