Musician: Lenny Kravitz wants to learn to surf at 60

Musician: Lenny Kravitz wants to learn to surf at 60

Lenny Kravitz lives in Brazil and the Bahamas – but he still can’t surf. He wants to change that.

Lenny Kravitz can sing, play several instruments, take photos, design and does sports every day – but the US rock star still wants to acquire one skill when he’s older. “Next I would like to learn to surf. That is definitely on my list,” Kravitz told the German Press Agency shortly before his 60th birthday next Sunday.

The fact that the all-rounder can’t surf will come as a surprise to many. “It’s something I’ve always admired. It’s a beautiful form of art to me. There’s something melodic about it,” said Kravitz, who lives in Brazil and the Bahamas, among other places.

Two days before his big birthday, the musician’s twelfth studio album, “Blue Electric Light”, will be released on Friday. Kravitz is going on a European tour in a month, starting in Hamburg (June 23rd).

Source: Stern

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