Janina Uhse: This is her favorite summer food trend

Janina Uhse: This is her favorite summer food trend

Actress Janina Uhse is also successful as a food influencer. In an interview in Cannes she reveals her favorite summer recipe.

At the moment, everyone who is famous in the film industry is meeting in Cannes. The German actress Janina Uhse (34) also visits the film festival on the Croisette. She was on the red carpet at the premiere of the movie “The Second Act” and attended the launch event for the new ice cream flavors of the summer on Magnum Beach. In the interview, the 34-year-old reveals what fans can look forward to in her next film “The Nickname,” but also how her visit to the French luxury holiday resort of Cannes inspired her to create new food creations.

Do you still remember your first time in Cannes? How much are you enjoying being back in Cannes?

Janina Uhse: It’s been six years since my first and last time in Cannes. I really enjoy this special magic during the film festival, which is incomparable and unique. There is a pleasant excitement in the air that you can almost touch and it feels so incredibly international and luxurious.

Everyone who is famous in the film industry meets in Cannes. Are you becoming a fan girl yourself?

Uhse: My friends are always embarrassed to go somewhere with me because I rarely recognise people. But in Cannes, even I recognise loads of people because the cast is so high-profile.

You will be back on screen at the end of the year. Can you tell us something about the sequel “The Nickname”?

Uhse: As with the last two parts, you can look forward to an eloquent film. There are interesting, entertaining rapprochements between people you wouldn’t expect and of course the family causes a lot of chaos in the East Tyrolean Alps.

Not only are you an actress, but you are also a successful food influencer. Have you already found new inspiration for your recipes here in Cannes?

Uhse: With the positive energy that I will come back with, new creations will certainly come about. Travel is always my biggest source of inspiration. In Cannes, a good glass of rosé and salad Nicoise are an absolute must. I’m also looking forward to the new Magnum varieties and our own creations at the “Dipping&Spray” bar.

You regularly conjure up a variety of dishes on your Instagram account and have already brought a few books onto the market. What do you particularly value in your recipes?

Uhse: The recipes are intended to inspire you to try something new without a lot of prior knowledge or days of preparation.

Summer is fast approaching. What do you like to drink and eat most in summer?

Uhse: The main thing is fresh. Whether salads, gazpacho or of course delicious ice cream.

What is your favorite recipe for hot days?

Uhse: I love throwing fruit on the grill, for example peaches, pineapples or watermelon. These are perfect accompaniments to almost anything.

Can you share with us a simple summer recipe that is also suitable for beginners?

Uhse: Homemade watermelon juice with a squeeze of lime and mint; Just put it in the blender and you’re done.

Which food trends are particularly popular this summer?

Uhse: Stefano Callegari invented the Trapizzino, a filled pizza sandwich, and they are incredibly good. In my opinion, trendy! I have already enjoyed it myself and would like to see him open a shop in Berlin soon.

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