T-shirt trends 2024: 4 styles that are popular now

T-shirt trends 2024: 4 styles that are popular now

T-shirts can be found in every wardrobe because they are real all-rounders. Whether under or over, as a basic or a statement, T-shirts are simple items of clothing that can be combined in many ways. Here are four trends to inspire in 2024.

Fashion is fast-moving, the selection seems endless and then personal taste gets in the way of one or two trends. The nice thing about T-shirts is that they can fit in every wardrobe and work as both a basic and an eye-catcher. If you are looking for inspiration, you will find four hot T-shirt trends for 2024 here.

T-shirt trend: white basic

The white basic shirt will remain trendy in 2024. Boring? Absolutely not. As a simple all-rounder, the white T-shirt can be combined in many ways and should therefore not be missing from any wardrobe. In summer it also ensures a pleasant cool down because, unlike black textiles, white clothing can reflect the sun.

T-shirt trend: polo shirt

Polo shirts emerged at the beginning of the 20th century when people were looking for suitable clothing for playing polo in India’s subtropical climate. However, tennis player René Lacoste is said to have made it modern, making his nickname “crocodile” his trademark. In 2024, polo shirts are versatile in terms of material, shape and color, so there is something for every taste. The main thing is that the characteristic collar is on it.

T-shirt trend: logo shirts

One of the 2024 T-shirt trends is logo shirts. The brand can be worn on the chest. The classic is the Levis shirt with a red and white logo, but numerous brands have followed suit and there is now a large selection of logo shirts from different manufacturers.

T-shirt trend: band shirts

Is there anything better than paying tribute to your favorite band or artist with your own clothes? Band shirts will also be trendy in 2024 and will basically never go out of style. It is important that the band pictured is not just anyone, but that the music actually inspires enthusiasm in you. Most band shirts are already eye-catching and impress with their color and graphics, so the pants should be plain to put the focus on the shirt.

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