Film Festival: Cate Blanchett as Chancellor in Cannes

Film Festival: Cate Blanchett as Chancellor in Cannes

A very long western by Kevin Costner, a festival hit with Selena Gomez and Cate Blanchett as the German Chancellor. The cinema legends come out trumps in Cannes – one even brings her pet with her.

Politics in Cannes only takes place where the festival management wants it: on the screen. In the satire “Rumours” Hollywood star Cate Blanchett can be seen as the German Chancellor. The film takes place at a G7 summit that goes wrong. Otherwise in focus at the film festival: cinema legends and their glamorous appearances. For example, Demi Moore, who brought her Chihuahua with her. His name is Pilaf.

That France is a country where cinema is sacred is evident from the scenes that cause uproar at the film festival. These are not political scandals. But, for example, a French woman who dares to disrupt the eagerly awaited premiere of Kevin Costner’s new western in the cinema twice by screaming “I love you Kevin!”

Cate Blanchett: No representation of Angela Merkel

There’s a lot of laughter at the premiere of “Rumours.” It is important for Blanchett to emphasize that her role in the film is not an interpretation of former Chancellor Angela Merkel. And that despite the fact that she can be seen in the film with a short blonde blow-dried hairstyle and a salmon-colored blazer. “If I were male, you would say: Which German Chancellor did you base your interpretation of the Chancellor on? But there is only one example of female leadership in this regard,” Blanchett tells dpa. “Everyone assumes it’s Angela Merkel, but of course she wasn’t. There are very few examples of female leadership today, so you have to invent them.”

Elements of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen are also present in her role, says the 55-year-old. “Even if I didn’t base my role on her.” Blanchett plays the Chancellor in the film by Guy Maddin, Evan and Galen Johnson with a deliberately exaggerated German accent, including the odd “um”.

In the film, the Chancellor’s name is Hilda Ortmann. Apart from a certain pragmatism, she actually doesn’t have much in common with Merkel. For example, Ms. Ortmann tries throughout the film to get close to the Canadian head of state. The summit takes place at the fictional Dankerode Castle in Germany. The heads of state are threatened by zombies and get lost in the forest while searching for rescue. Meanwhile, all sorts of melodrama is taking place between the politicians. National clichés are targeted. “Rumours” is an absurd, entertaining comedy.

Kevin Costner struggles to keep his composure

The audience needs a little more endurance at the premiere of Kevin Costner’s long-planned epic “Horizon.” The three-hour film – just the first chapter in a four-part series – is a classic western. It mainly tells of white settlers who made their way west after the end of the Civil War in 1865. The indigenous population mainly acts as aggressors. This is strange, especially when you remember that Costner had already cleared up this historical inversion in 1990 in “Dances with Wolves”. This representation may change in the following three parts of “Horizon”.

The most exciting thing about the premiere is watching how Costner struggles for minutes after the end of the film screening to keep his composure during the polite, long applause and tries not to cry. Above all, what is being applauded here is the legacy of a man who, over the course of his career, created cinema images for eternity and, at the age of 69, no longer has anything to prove.

Selena Gomez movie is an early favorite

An early festival hit, on the other hand, is a film that also impresses visually. “Emilia Pérez” by Jacques Audiard with Selena Gomez in a role. If you describe the plot and the genre, it sounds like an impossible project: “Emilia Pérez” tells of a Mexican mafia boss who has his gender changed to female in order to start a new life. It’s about gangsters and crime, identity, love and Mexican culture – in musical form.

Audiard and his film team succeed in telling topics such as the trans identity of the main character (portrayed by Karla Sofía Gascón) in a sensitive way. Only at the beginning is gender reassignment the focus. The colors shine in this film, and the musical numbers come at surprising moments. Gomez plays the mafia boss’s wife, who has no idea about the gender reassignment. After the premiere, she also visibly struggled to keep her composure during the long applause. So this year at the film festival we’re singing, laughing and trying not to cry.

Demi Moore’s cinema comeback – with company

Meanwhile, the audience tries to catch a glimpse of the countless stars. For example, Demi Moore, who is celebrating a successful cinema comeback with “The Substance” in Cannes this year. In Coralie Fargeat’s feminist body horror film, she embodies a woman who tries to become a younger version of herself with the help of a substance. Before the press conference, she posed for photographers with her Chihuahua Pilaf on Monday.

It’s not the only animal getting a big stage at Cannes. The French’s love of dramatic performances goes so far that one evening you can even see a white dog in a yellow ruffled ball dress in the Festival Palace. His name is “Felicity,” says his owner, who leads the dog through the hallways on a leash. And he urgently needs some water now.

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