Emma Stone to work with ‘Poor Things’ director on new film

Emma Stone to work with ‘Poor Things’ director on new film

With the imminent release of “Kind of Kindness”, his third consecutive film was announced.

Emma Stone will once again team up with the director of Poor Things, Yorgos Lanthimosin the next movie Bugonia.

Stone and Lanthimos are currently at the Cannes Film Festival to attend the premiere of another new collaboration, Kinds of Kindnesswhere they have announced their next project.

Bugonia will be the couple’s fifth collaboration, after The Favoritethe short film Bleat, Poor Things and Kinds of Kindness. The new film is scheduled to co-star Jesse Plemonswho also appears in Kinds of Kindness.

What Bugonia, the new release from Yorgos Lanthimos, will be about

Bugonia is a new version of Save planet eartha 2003 film by South Korean Jang Joon-hwana science fiction comedy, and will feature as screenwriter Will Tracyone of those responsible for the scripts of the series Succession.

Lanthimos’ film focuses on two conspiracy-obsessed young people who kidnap the powerful CEO of a large company, convinced that she is an alien trying to destroy the Earth.

At the beginning of this year, Stone won his second Oscar for Poor Thingsafter his success for La La Land in 2017.

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