Cannes: Demi Moore: I don’t consider myself a victim

Cannes: Demi Moore: I don’t consider myself a victim

Demi Moore is celebrating a comeback to the cinema with the feminist horror film “The Substance”. In Cannes she talks about how she deals with nude scenes and a world focused on appearances.

Actress Demi Moore says she doesn’t see herself as a victim of a Hollywood world obsessed with youthful looks. “My view is that regardless of what is going on outside of you, the real issue is how you relate to it.” The 61-year-old said on Monday in Cannes that she does not consider herself a victim. There, the American is celebrating a comeback to the cinema at the film festival after several small roles.

In the feminist body horror film “The Substance” by Coralie Fargeat, she plays a woman who uses a substance to try to become a younger version of herself. Moore herself was often reduced in public to her looks.

There are many nude scenes in the disturbing and impressive film. Margaret Qualley plays a younger version of the protagonist. During filming, she opened up a lot and made herself vulnerable. “We had to be very sensitive and talk a lot about what we wanted to achieve and address and find a common ground of mutual trust,” Moore said. In Qualley she had a “great partner” with whom she felt “very safe”. “And we obviously worked very closely together at certain moments, naked. There was a lot of fun in some moments because they were so absurd.”

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