Festival season 2024: Stylish accessory trends for fashionstas

Festival season 2024: Stylish accessory trends for fashionstas

“More is more” is the motto of the 2024 festival season when it comes to fashion. This can be achieved by choosing the right accessories.

The motto “Less is more” certainly doesn’t apply to the festival season. Instead, we can really let off steam in terms of fashion at the open air concerts. Colors, patterns and materials can be mixed wildly – even when it comes to accessories.

Colorful sunglasses and hats

To integrate even more color into an already colorful outfit, sunglasses with colored frames are ideal. Because you need these anyway in sunny weather so that you can easily watch your favorite act on stage. You can choose the glasses to match your outfit, like model Hailey Bieber (27). As she shows, she wears matching cat-eye sunglasses with the red bikini. Another trend accessory in the photo: Bieber’s straw hat. Headwear is also recommended to protect yourself from intense sun. Instead of a cowboy hat, headscarves, fishing hats or caps are also suitable.

Statement boots

It is important to wear sturdy shoes on your feet, as broken glass, uneven floors and crowds of people can potentially cause injuries. Boots and boots are therefore particularly suitable for the festival weekend. Cowboy boots in all shapes and colors are currently on trend. “Let’s Dance” star Anna Ermakova (24) wears white boots with wide heels with a bright red maxi dress. But ankle boots with a metallic look in silver, gold or mint green are also a stylish eye-catcher.

Beads, glitter and scarves

Other festival-appropriate accessories include homemade beaded bracelets and necklaces. Ribbons and beads can be found online. If you lack the desire and creativity, you can also order them online, for example from Etsy. The same applies here: More is more!

Scarves not only look good on our heads, but also around our necks or tied in our hair. Model Heidi Klum (50) has the perfect festival look, consisting of baggy jeans, a patterned tupé top and a light blue scarf from Hermès.

Last but not least, apply glitter to your arms and cheeks!

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