“Who am I after fear” by Antonella Agesta is exhibited at Ungallery

“Who am I after fear” by Antonella Agesta is exhibited at Ungallery

Ungallery inaugurated two must-see exhibitions: Who am I after fear, by Antonella Agesta, and The foam and cream of the citizen, by Damián Santa Cruz.

On Saturday, May 11, it was inaugurated Who am I after fearof Antonella Agestain Ungallerythe great gallery of La Boca which occupies a former naval depot. On this occasion, the exhibition is a collaborative project with the Grasa gallery: both came together to exhibit the unmissable works of Agesta, who resides in Paris.

With her oil paintings, the artist represents aspects of our Argentina from a fabulous, dreamlike world linked to her own life as a migrant. With subtlety, she takes elements of Latin American magical realism and alludes to harsh social issues and other more personal ones.

From a formal point of view, it is part of the Latin American pictorial tradition and takes up magical realism from literature. At first glance, it is possible to find a certain apparent innocence in his canvases. However, upon getting closer one discovers different symbolic layers that call that premise into question. Behind that tenderness, there is a disturbing world, populated with supernatural elements: mirrors that reflect double personalities, zooms of different parts of the body, images of our capybara-colored River Plate, the body itself that becomes pure strangeness.

In addition, the pop up is presented in Room 2 The foam and cream of the citizenof Damian Santa Cruz. It is a light and sound installation with an Argentine flag woven on a loom made with found materials.. The flag – an element on which the artist reflects – was part of the exhibition for the 40 years of democracy “Echoes of persistence”, in the Jesuit ranch of Jesús María, in the province of Córdoba.

Who am I after fearof Antonella Agestain Ungallery, with text by Diana Teira and scenic design by María Ibáñez lago.

The exhibits They can be visited in Ungallery (Minister Brin 1335, La Boca. from Thursday to Saturday, from 2 to 6 pm).

Closing: June 29

Source: Ambito

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