Jennifer Lopez: Solo performance at the “Atlas” premiere

Jennifer Lopez: Solo performance at the “Atlas” premiere

Just a simple work appointment or a sign? Jennifer Lopez without Ben Affleck at the premiere of her new film causes speculation.

Another indication of a possible separation? Or just a work appointment that her husband didn’t have time for? Jennifer Lopez (54) attended the premiere of her new Netflix film “Atlas” on Monday without Ben Affleck (51). another reason to speculate that there is a crisis between the couple. The fact that the actress wore her wedding ring on her left ring finger speaks against this. In addition, the couple only appeared in public together again on Sunday.

Radiant at the premiere of her new film

At the “Atlas” premiere on Monday, Lopez didn’t let on about the bubbling rumor mill. She shined in a black and white ensemble and posed for photographers both alone and with her co-stars Simu Liu (35) and Sterling K. Brown (48) as well as with director Brad Peyton (45).

The day before, “Bennifer,” as J.Lo and Affleck are affectionately known by their fans, attended a screening at the Aero Theater in Brentwood. Their respective children and Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner (52) were there. The couple came to the event separately but left together.

Traveling together the day before

In pictures shown by the Daily Mail, among others, they can be seen walking next to each other, deep in conversation, to a car, getting in and then driving off with broad smiles. The paparazzi also noticed that the actor was wearing his wedding ring again after going ringless on Friday and Saturday. The wedding ring also shined on the singer’s finger, which was clearly visible when she hugged her husband and his middle child Fin (15) upon their arrival.

Lopez and Affleck dated from 2002 to 2004. In 2021 they gave their love a new chance. The two married in Las Vegas in July 2022. In Jennifer Lopez’s recently released documentary “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” she detailed the ups and downs of the rekindled romance. She also emphasized that her husband feels “uncomfortable” with publicly displaying his love.

In the past few weeks, the couple had only been seen separately: She appeared at the important Met Gala in New York without Affleck, and he took part in the live event “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” alone. The fact that he often goes in and out of a villa in Brentwood is said to have a harmless reason: he is currently filming “The Accountant 2” there, US media reported.

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