Unusual! He discovered on their honeymoon that his wife was a man who wanted to scam him.

Unusual!  He discovered on their honeymoon that his wife was a man who wanted to scam him.

The alleged woman tried to hide her true identity and avoided having sexual relations with him.

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Unlike how love is perceived, some people use it to get something in return. An unusual situation happened in Indonesia, where A man realized that he had married a man who was trying to scam him12 days after the ceremony.

The protagonist, 26 years old and identified by the initials AKhe met someone on the internet Adinda Kanza Azzhara and it was through that means that they exchanged messages until they saw each other in person. Unlike virtuality, it was in the meeting that AK fell in love with Adinda.

After several appointments AK proposed to her, who accepted but with one condition: she did not want to get married through the civil registry since she did not have any family member to accompany her. In Adinda’s words, her mother was dead and her father had abandoned her.

It was at his request that The ceremony took place almost 100 kilometers from Jakarta, in Wangunjaya, where AK handed over 5 grams of gold. However, after the union an unexpected turn occurred.

Indonesia: a man got married and discovered it was a scam

Some of Adinda’s attitudes and behaviors raised doubts in AK. For example, She hid her face from him and didn’t want to have sex.added to the fact that he avoided meetings with his family.

However, it was not AK who discovered her, but those closest to her. They were able to contact the wife’s father, who revealed that actually she was a man.

It was so The family filed a complaint with the court through which they managed to get the person posing as Adinda to declare that he got married for the sole purpose of defrauding AK. This is being resolved in a trial that could culminate in four years in prison for the scammer.

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