Mysterious announcement shakes Oasis social networks, is there a meeting?

Mysterious announcement shakes Oasis social networks, is there a meeting?

Oasis shared a mysterious new teaser video on his social media, generating excitement and speculation among fans.

Yesterday (May 20) a short vintage-looking clip was posted on the Britpop band’s official social media channels without a title or further information.

Some fans have suggested that the aerial footage shows the picturesque surroundings of Sawmills Studio in Cornwall, where Oasis recorded sessions for their seminal debut album, “Definitely Maybe” of 1994.

This has led some fans to believe that the teaser could indicate an upcoming reissue to commemorate the album’s 30th anniversary. Last year, Noel Gallagher confirmed that a new edition of the LP would arrive in 2024 to mark the milestone.

Meanwhile Liam Gallagher will embark on a special “Definitely Maybe” tour of the UK and Ireland next month. He’ll also play the album in full when he headlines Reading & Leeds in August.

The mysterious video on Oasis social networks

In the comments section of the new teaser, one fan wrote, “That’s the place where it all started.” Another said: “It’s where they recorded ‘Definitely Maybe’, it will have something to do with the 30th anniversary”.

A third user added: “It’s Sawmills Studio where most of the album was recorded…”

Other fans, however, are holding out hope for news of an Oasis reunion, which the Gallaghers have talked about at length in recent years.

“Please tell me what’s happening,” one person wrote, and another said, “It’s probably not happening.” Someone else commented: “This is as cryptic as the Gallagher relationship”. One fan said: “Come on, don’t play with my feelings.”

It will be a matter of waiting and seeing what the Gallagher brothers are up to.

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