Liz Hurley and the Versace safety pin dress

Liz Hurley and the Versace safety pin dress

Liz Hurley owes her fame to her relationship with actor Hugh Grant – and an evening dress by Versace. The daring creation with safety pins made the Brit famous overnight in the mid-nineties.

When Liz Hurley attended the film premiere of “Four Weddings and a Funeral” in May 1994, she was just an unknown companion. The actual star was her partner at the time, actor Hugh Grant – the main actor in the film. But after the evening in London’s Leicester Square, nobody talked about Grant, but everything revolved around Hurley.

The reason for this was the dress the Brit wore. A floor-length black gown by designer Gianni Versace. The creation had a daring low neckline and was only held together on the right side by six gold safety pins. A high leg slit provided additional sex appeal. Hurley presented the skimpy dress with so much conviction and self-confidence, as if she had never done anything else.

Liz Hurley was unprepared for fame

In 2019, she confessed: “I was not at all prepared for what happened that evening.” Her choice of wardrobe was purely coincidental. “I desperately needed a dress to wear to Hugh’s premiere and I knew nothing about fashion at the time.” She was given the number of a PR agency that offered her a loan.

Her preparation for the evening was absolutely unspectacular. “I remember walking into an office where they pulled a dress out of a white plastic bag,” Hurley said. “I brought it home, did my own hair and makeup and fought with Hugh over the mirror in our tiny one-bedroom apartment. It was all very unglamorous compared to the way things were done back then .”

Liz Hurley’s appearance in the safety pin dress made her famous overnight. Jobs as a model, actress and film producer followed. She is now a successful entrepreneur and sells her own bikini collection. She will forever be associated with the Versace gown. In 2019, her son Damian wore a very .

“Gianni made this dress for a woman who is very confident and not afraid to break the rules,” Donatella Versace said of her late brother’s creation. “Liz embodied all of that in an extraordinary way.” Even if Hurley himself didn’t realize it at the time.

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