Sila Sahin is back on “Everything that counts”: That’s what the actress still wants to achieve

Sila Sahin is back on “Everything that counts”: That’s what the actress still wants to achieve

Sila Sahin returns to “Everything that counts” as Miray. In the interview she talks about upcoming projects and big dreams.

Actress Sila Sahin (38) is back on “Alles was zählt”. After her four-month break, she can be seen again in her role as Miray Öztürk in the RTL Daily (also streamed on RTL+) from Wednesday (May 22nd, 7:05 p.m.). Miray had left Essen to pursue her big dream of taking part in a dating show in Thailand. And Sila Sahin-Radlinger, as she has been officially called since her wedding in 2016, has also been able to realize one or two professional dreams. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the Berlin native reveals what is still on her to-do list and raves about the “nice” reunion on the “AWZ” set in Cologne.

What was it like returning to the set of “Everything that counts” and seeing your colleagues again after the break?

Sila Sahin: It’s actually a familiar environment and yet it’s always exciting in the first few days until you get into the groove again. I was very pleased that the role came back and her story continued because it had ended so abruptly. It’s just nice to be here again.

What’s next for your role Miray?

Sahin: She really wanted to become a reality star and went on a dating show. We’ll find out how that turned out and whether she’s won and found the love of her life when she returns.

She also left a love behind…

Sahin: Yes, that’s true and I think there are still a few things to clarify about the love left behind. That’s why I’m just happy that she now has the opportunity to do it again.

Would you like a second chance for Miray and Lars (Filip Pavlović)?

Sahin: I would definitely like it because I think the two characters totally harmonize with each other. I actually think it’s a shame that Miray decided to pursue a career.

What differences and similarities do you see between Miray and yourself?

Sahin: Sure, it reminds me of my beginnings at “GZSZ” because I had a great urge to get into the industry and become known. I really enjoyed it at the beginning too. But that’s the only thing that reminds me a little of myself and my past. Otherwise, Miray is a completely different person than me – and I never wanted to be a reality star.

For Miray, taking part in the dating show was the fulfillment of a big dream. What professional dream did you recently fulfill?

Sahin: I’ve always wanted to take part in the Karl May plays. I did that in 2017 and I’m coming back this year. I’m really looking forward to it because I absolutely love being in the theater, and with horses too. I always wanted to be a horse girl and now I have the chance to do it again this summer. In 2017 I played Lea-tshina in a love story with Alexander Klaws as Old Surehand. They don’t really ask anyone else, at least not women. That’s another reason why I’m so happy to be able to do it again. I’ve also fulfilled my dream of bringing out my own shoe collection.

And what big professional dream are you currently working towards?

Sahin: I would really like to maybe release an album. This is still on my to-do list.

Then you are very busy. Is Miray still staying at “Everything that counts” for a longer period of time or is this just a short visit?

Sahin: Miray is an absolute whirlwind. I think it will be a somewhat longer visit to Essen. Maybe for a year…

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